WHMCS Billing Software

WHMCS Software is the leading web hosting billing platform for hosting businesses. We provide WHMCS licenses for your reseller hosting company.

WHMCS is an complete client management, billing and support solution for online businesses. Below is a brief list of many features but it is by no means a complete list. We encourage you to try the online demo in order to experience exactly what WHMCS can offer your hosting business.

$15.95 /mo

WHMCS Feature List


  • Automated Invoicing - Automated invoicing will take care of billing your customers on a regular basis and will group items due on the same day by the same customer together to reduce gateway charges.
  • Manual Invoicing allows you to generate one-time invoices for custom services or work carried out for customers.
  • Quotes and Estimates can be created and sent to the potential clients and then converted to invoices at the click of a button if accepted.
  • Tax Support allows for both inclusive and exclusive taxes, tax exempt clients & products and support for up to 2 separate levels.
  • Automated Payment Processing is offered with all supported payment gateways and you can extend it to others by building your own payment processing modules.
  • PDF Invoices can be viewed and downloaded for saving or printing.
  • Email/Print Invoices with the batch PDF generator functionality allowing you to print invoices for those users who prefer a hard copy.
  • Manual Payment Entry so you are not just limited to supported online payment gateways. You can also apply payments such as cheques, wire transfers, cash, etc...
  • Credits can be issued to a customer by an admin or by the client choosing to prefund their account in advance. These credits are then applied to future invoices.
  • Flexible Promotions which allow you to offer one time or recurring discounts for fixed amounts or percentages which various qualifying criteria.
  • Verified by Visa & MasterCard SecureCode is supported on certain gateways.


  • Multi-Purpose products not limited to just hosting packages.
  • Billing Cycles of Free, One Time, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually and Biennially.
  • Prorated Billing is supported to bill until a certain date of the month.
  • Product Options to allow a-la-carte selections.
  • Addons for cross-selling additional products & services.
  • Custom Fields to collect information specific to that product.
  • Download Distribution allowing the selling of e-products such as software, ebooks, and other downloads.
  • Welcome Emails can be created on a per product basis.
  • Stock Management that will stop orders being placed once the stock has run out.

Client Area

  • Single Login by using WHMCS your clients will have only one login to remember to access their account, billing details and support.
  • Personal Info can be viewed, updated aswell as adding of additional contacts for emails, password changes and security question updates.
  • Service Management allows clients to view the details of the products and services they have bought from you, order upgrades, order product addons, view or change login passwords and request cancellation.
  • Domain Management area allows clients to view the details of domains they've bought from you and manage those domains
  • Invoice/Payment/Email History shows clients all the invoices and emails that have been generated and sent to them for review at any time
  • Orders can be placed using the built in order form for new products/services/domains
  • Domain Checker allows clients to search for domains they wish to register individually or in bulk and then proceed to order

Developer Friendly

  • Server Modules which let you automate product activation, suspension, termination & more. Many modules are supplied by default but you can also build your own...
  • Registrar Modules for domain management & automation including registrations, renewals, nameserver changes, WHOIS updating, and more...
  • Gateway Modules integrate with payment solutions for accepting payments & automating refunds. Supplied with over 50 by default and the ability for you to build your own or have others developed...
  • Admin Modules let you bolt-on additional tools and integrations to your admin panel for easy access by staff
  • API allowing you to perform actions inside WHMCS from other systems such as adding clients, custom order forms, generating tickets, and more...
  • Action Hooks which let you run your own code when various actions occur inside WHMCS, for example updating details on a remote system, or running furthur automation
  • Templates for both the client and admin areas let you fully customise the frontend your clients see and the layout/styling for staff


  • Automated Creation of services is possible as soon as an order is placed, on receipt of payment or only once an admin user has approved it
  • Automated Suspension when accounts become overdue and reactivation as soon as they are paid for
  • Automated Termination can be set to remove users accounts should they become delinquent for a specified amount of time
  • Automated Upgrades make it easy for users wishing to upgrade their services from you with calculations done automatically
  • Password Resets can be automated from WHMCS
  • Automatic Late Fees can be applied to invoices after a preset number of days either as a fixed amount or percentage of the total due
  • Reminders & Overdue Notices can be configured to go out before and after an invoices due date to chase up late payers


  • Domain Registrars integrated include all the most popular providers and you can use multiple ones concurrently to ensure you are getting the best prices (as a WHMCS user you will get free access to Enom/ResellerClub accounts through us)
  • Domain Registration/Transfers can be automated on receipt of payment or wait for admin approval but still not require you to ever leave WHMCS
  • Domain Renewals can be ordered by your clients from the client area at any time and also automated on receipt of payment
  • Auto Renew can be enabled/disabled to determine whether an invoice generates for that domain when it comes close to expiry
  • Nameserver Changes are possible with all built in registrar modules allowing both you and your clients to view and change the nameservers their domains are pointed to in realtime
  • Contact Info likewise can be viewed and updated by clients and staff alike
  • Domain Locking status can be seen within WHMCS and turned on/off at will
  • Nameserver Registration is also possible allowing the setup of private nameservers particularly useful for your resellers
  • ID Protection Addons can be offered during the signup process for TLDs that support it
  • Get EPP Code is also supported on some modules as is DNS Record Management & Email Forwarding (Enom only)

Support Tools

  • Ticket System which allows you to efficiently manage client email requests amongst a team of staff
  • Auto Answer Suggestions that suggest possible answers to a users query from your knowledgebase before submission to help reduce common queries
  • Escalation Rules to ensure that no ticket goes unanswered for an unacceptable period of time
  • Email Piping which lets clients simply email your company and generate tickets in the ticket system
  • Spam Filters allowing you to block specific keywords, phrases and email addresses
  • Announcements for keeping your clients up to date on news and information about your company online and via RSS
  • Downloads system for providing access to key tools (ftp, email config, etc...) or downloadable products
  • Knowledgebase to provide answers to those frequently asked questions so the client can help themselves rather than waiting for support
  • Server Status which can be used by customers & admins alike for real time checking of services, load and uptime of your servers
  • Network Issues provide a central reporting system for any outages or scheduled maintenance on your network (+ RSS)


  • Writeable Directories can be moved above the public_html directory for added security
  • Move Admin Area to stop would be hackers from even being able to try guessing your login
  • Failed Login Notifications so you know if login attempts are being made
  • Auto IP Ban after 3 failed login attempts
  • Password Encryption for all passwords that WHMCS needs to be able to decode and read at a later time so they are not readable in the database
  • Client & Admin Passwords stored as irreversible md5 hash values to prevent passwords being reversed
  • Credit Card Data is encrypted using the AES Encryption protocol
  • API IP Restrictions to only allow specific IPs access to your installs API


  • Enom SSL Certificates provisioning can also be automated with WHMCS both for placing the order and allowing the user to configure without leaving your site
  • Link Tracking allows you to generate links that track click-throughs and conversions and so provide a great way to track visitors to your site from different ads
  • Email Alerts are sent for many events occurring in WHMCS such as new ticket replies, automation actions & failures, daily cron activity, failed logins & client changes
  • Automated Database Backups ensure you will never lose your clients data by having backups FTP'd to a remote server or emailed to you
  • Multi-Language Support means customers can choose their own language and find your client area localised to that as well as the emails they receive

24 / 7 Live Technical Support
24 / 7 Live System Administration
24 / 7 Live Sales Support
Completely Private Nameservers
Completely Anonymous Network
Completely Anonymous Hostnames
Completely Anonymous IP Addresses